About Tender Moments

By Kamanika Mohottige

Kamanika Mohottige is the artist behind ‘Tender Moments’ and is now based in Kent, England. She is passionate about creativity with meticulous detail.

She grew up in Brecon countryside (Wales) where she developed her artistic and observation skills since a tender age. 

Whilst studying for a science degree at Cardiff University, she continued to practise her art.

She uses archival-quality graphite pencils to capture the tender moments with people and animals. 

She takes pride in creating highly detailed, realistic graphite portraits; mostly human, but also pets. She has done animal commissions as well as pet portraits.

Each individual has their own story to share and she takes great pleasure in capturing that personality and energy. 

Her favourites are child portraits. They are such beautiful gifts that remain with families for years to come.   

Her style and methods are continually evolving.