By Kamanika Mohottige




Carnation is the birth flower for January.
Carnations are scientifically known as dianthus caryophyllus. The Ancient Greek word ‘Dios’ means Divine and ‘Anthos’ means flower.
The name dianthus is believed to have originated from the myth of Diana, the Roman goddess of wild animals and hunting. According to the legend, Diana was returning home from an unsuccessful hunting trip. On her way, she heard a young shepherd playing the flute and grew angry, as she believed it was his music that ruined her hunting. Annoyed, she ripped out his eyes and threw them on the ground. When she finally calmed down from her anger, she deeply regretted her actions, and that was when the place where his eyes landed started blooming red carnations, or dianthus flowers.
Carnations symbolise joy, and purity of motherly love. They are often used in Mother’s Day celebrations .
According to some Christian legend, carnations bloomed from Virgin Mary’s tears after she was overcome with sadness when she saw Jesus carrying the cross. This symbolises the motherly love that she had for him, and is a reason why carnations are associated with motherly love and Mother’s Day.
🌷. Carnations Greeting card 10.5cm x 15cm
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